NEW HEALING ALBUM OUT NOW– Relationships– Creating a Balanced Life and Healthy Relationships Written in standard version and in 528Hz LINK TO ALBUM- LINK TO 528-hz – VIDEO – What a great time in life for healing and balancing our own relationships whether it be within ourselves, or with our partners, spouses, children but also our […]

FREE song download “Goodness”... FREE song download “Goodness” from The Healing Codes 2 album

The song “Goodness” which is from the Healing Codes album part 2 is offered as a FREE download for you to enjoy. It is part of a 12 song healing and relaxation album that is 13 minutes in length. The album itself is almost 3 hours in length. The Music for the Healing Codes Part […]

Music For The Healing Codes Part 2... Music For The Healing Codes Part 2

Music For The Healing Codes Part 2 – Unlocking the issues of the heart 12 pieces, 2 hours 48min of POWERFUL HEALING MUSIC- 3 CD SET !! PROMOTIONAL VIDEO You can DOWNLOAD the song “Goodness” from The Healing Codes 2 album for FREE. Composed by Elio and specifically written for Dr Alex Loyd’s Healing Codes […]

Relaxation Music and Learning Processes... Relaxation Music and Learning Processes

Have you ever heard of Dr. Georgi Lozanov? He was a Bulgarian psychiatrist that spent a large portion of his life studying music and its connection with learning. Dr. Lozanov found connections with music and effective learning techniques, and he concluded that different stages of the learning process were enhanced using different types of music. […]

Preparing the Mind for Relaxation Music... Preparing the Mind for Relaxation Music

If you have a past or upcoming event that is preoccupying your mind, it can be difficult to unwind enough to start a true relaxation process. You may feel the need to clear your mind of the items that are troubling you as the first step. However, there is no virtual vacuum cleaner to tidy […]

Relaxation With Or Without Music...

Relaxation music can provide an excellent source of stress relief. Unfortunately, you may not be able to access your favorite music during your moments of stress. How can you cope when that happens? You can use other techniques to produce some of the typical effects of relaxation music. This approach may not be as effective, […]

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