Music For The Healing Codes Part 2

Music For The Healing Codes Part 2 – Unlocking the issues of the heart

12 pieces, 2 hours 48min of POWERFUL HEALING MUSIC- 3 CD SET !!


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Composed by Elio and specifically written for Dr Alex Loyd’s Healing Codes

These compositions have been designed to touch and connect with your heart, soul, and energy body. Feel deeply moved by these inspiring, and moving melodies designed with the intention to transform you, from within, as well as your body’s vibrational energy to the feelings of love, peace and happiness.

This beautiful music will profoundly enhance your healing practice. It has been specifically written between 40-60 beats per minute, proven to be the optimum tempo for healing, relaxation and meditation.

Music at 60 beats per minute may produce a calming effect by

  1. Lowering the heart rate
  2. Lowering your blood pressure
  3. Slowing your breathing down

It also helps to promote Alpha and Theta waves in both the left and right hemispheres of the brain, facilitating the connection between the two hemispheres and promoting your experience of calmness and relaxation.

All of these factors help to reduce anxiety and stress, producing a relaxed state and providing the optimal conditions in the nervous and endocrine systems, for the to body heal itself.

When we listen to music from a state of consciousness (Alpha) in which the mind is involved with minimal effort or interference, and is almost completely at rest, this is when healing takes place.

Healing Codes Music part 2 comes with or without prompts. When practicing the Healing Codes, the music has a guided prompt sound every 30 seconds. Each piece has been written to the length of the minimum requirement for each Truth Focus Statement/Code, therefore you will have uninterrupted music for the duration of each truth focus statement. The music can also be enjoyed just by listening to the music without prompts.



  • An enhanced, deeper level of relaxation
  • A reduction of anxiety and stress
  • An Increase in creativity, learning, and memory functions
  • Assistance in guided imagery
  • Healing from the effects of specific negative emotions
  • A lower heart rate leading to a greater sense of calm

My highest intention is to write music that connects and resonates with the heart, soul and body’s vibrational energy, of every individual that listens to my music.

By this I mean; Heal the body and effect the environment in which it is played with the vibrations of peace, harmony and above all Love.

I pray that the Music For The Healing Codes enhances your healing journey.


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