Music For The Workplace

Can music help you to be more efficient in the workplace? Several studies say that it can, but the studies tend to disagree on why. It seems to depend on the type of music and the type of task you do at your job.

If your workplace is naturally noisy and stressful, music that you enjoy and find relaxing can improve your productivity. This generally works best with music that you find enjoyable, containing smooth rhythms and pleasant instrumentation.

Music in the 60 beat per minute (BPM) range may work best—that is still in the range that allows most people to relax but not lose focus.

For jobs that tend to be boring and repetitive but have clear instructions, music can be extremely useful to keep your mind from wandering. In this case, you need background music that retains your interest but does not keep you from the task at hand.

However, if the rhythm of the background music is out of sync with the rhythm of your job such as tasks on an assembly line, music may be counterproductive.

Jobs that rely on creativity require music that engages the subconscious.You need a higher level of focus, and you are looking for music that almost has a noise-cancelling effect.

Music for creativity should engage you enough to keep other background noises from distracting you, but not so much that the music itself becomes a distraction.

Most importantly, regardless of the job you have, you need to like the music that you play. The greatest impact of the music is to put you in a good mood. There are already enough potential issues in the workplace to put you in a bad mood, so make sure your music does not add to the list.

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Empowering People With Music


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