• The Music in Your Dreams... The Music in Your Dreams

    The Music in Your Dreams Are there musical interludes in your dreams? Can you sing or play instruments that you cannot play in your waking hours? Do you wake up singing or humming musical phrases that you have never heard before? Not everyone has this ability, but some do…and they use it to their advantage. […]

    Wild At Hart Markets with Mr Oopy Childrens Entertainer... Wild At Hart Markets with Mr Oopy Childrens Entertainer

    Adelaide’s favourite children’s entertainer is at it again and this time at the lovely Wild At Hart Markets in Port Adelaide on Sunday. It was a glorious day for a children’s show with lots of room to play and right in front of the massive playground. It was a win win for everyone. Wild At […]

    Music and Anticipation... Music and Anticipation

    Music and Anticipation Your favorite piece of music may literally give you chills – but did you know that chill is related to your expectations? Research groups discovered years ago that listening to pleasant music releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that works on the reward system of the brain. However, they also discovered that dopamine is […]

    Brain Waves and Relaxation Music... Brain Waves and Relaxation Music

    Research has shown that relaxation music is most effective with a tempo in the range of 40-60 beats per minute (BPM). This beat has a positive effect on both the respiratory and circulatory systems. The physiological effects include a reduced heart rate, healthier breathing patterns, and lowered blood pressure. All of these factors help to […]

    7 Albums 7 Hours Of Healing and Relaxation Music for $4... 7 Albums 7 Hours Of Healing and Relaxation Music for $49.99

    Dear friends First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank each one of you for being part of my musical life. Through your purchase, I have been very fortunate to have connected with so many of you that we have become wonderful friends. For this I am grateful and it makes […]

    What Do You Use Playlists For?... What Do You Use Playlists For?

    What Do You Use Playlists For? With the invention of iPods and other personal music players, it’s very easy to compile a playlist, and many people like to compile multiple playlists for different purposes. What do you look for in a playlist? Playlists are often compiled to set specific moods. It’s common to have one […]

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