Preparing the Mind for Relaxation Music

If you have a past or upcoming event that is preoccupying your mind, it can be difficult to unwind enough to start a true relaxation process.

You may feel the need to clear your mind of the items that are troubling you as the first step. However, there is no virtual vacuum cleaner to tidy up the mind (and you certainly can’t use a real one).

In this case, your standard relaxation music may be less effective. You may need to “ramp down” by using different styles of relaxation music in the same session.

Typically relaxation music contains a standard 40-60 beats per minute that induces slower heart rate and healthier deep breathing patterns. However, if your mind is continually drawn back to your stressors it is difficult to receive the physiological benefits of the music.

You need a slightly different form of relaxation music at this point. It needs the typical tempo and rhythm, but must also grab your attention.

The point is not to “empty” your mind, but to focus it away from your stressors and on something more positive and enjoyable. Different instrumentation or an unusual change in key may work, as long as the effect is pleasant.

Once the initial tunes have refocused your mind, you can switch back to your more traditional music with fewer features that grabs your attention and more focus on deeper relaxation and stress relief.

When you are really stressed by pervasive unpleasant thoughts, try ramping down your stress by mixing different kinds of music to help you relax – and unless you find relaxation in cleaning up your home, put down the vacuum cleaner.

It doesn’t work on your mind, and besides, you probably don’t have an attachment that fits in your ear.

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