Chants of the Inipi Healing & Meditation MP3 Album

Chants of the Inipi Healing & Meditation MP3 Album

Chants of the Inipi Album is a beautiful blend of healing, relaxing and meditative chants that will transport you into deep inner realms of peace, purification and oneness. Gentle, yet powerfully evocative, Claudio's voice, immersed in both ancient eastern and western spiritual traditions brings together in this one album the many levels that can be tapped when sitting in the heat of the Sweat Lodge - the Inipi. 

A truly unique and inspirational journey. Voice and sound, when used with healing intent, are powerful unifiers that remind us of our commonality, our intrinsic oness. Anything that does this can only benefit us and help to heal the world.


Price: 9.99 USD
Album Tracks
Track 1. Oyate Wan Washte Sa 5:39
Track 2. Mourning Song 7:49
Track 3. Call The Ancestors 8:09
Track 4. Iowa Wakana, Iowa Kawasi 6:05
Track 6. S'A Grien Ahaunam, S'A Gealach Ahainam 15:27
Track 7. Cruinne Naomh 2:26
Track 8. Gratitude Prayer 1:04

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