Trilogy - The Total Energy Solution MP3 Album

Trilogy - The Total Energy Solution MP3 Album

The Trilogy Music was written for the Trilogy Technique By Dr Alex.

The six divinely inspired and stunning pieces of music has been intentionally written to beats between 60-80bpm
connecting to all six brainwave states for your ultimate healing.
The music is to create health, harmony and balance for your mind, body and spirit.

The songs and its associated brain wave states are:

Joy - Beta, Goodness - Gamma, Kindness - Alpha, Trust - Theta, Peace - Delta and Love - 528Hz

What can you experience by listening to Trilogy Music:

-Improvised Focus
-Cognitive Enhancement and Creativity
-Melodies To Stimulate
-A Deep Level of Relaxation
-Restoration and Healing Sleep

Visit Elio’s video sample to listen to the music describing the benefits of each and what you can experience in more depth.

I hope the music connects and resonates with you. Elio

Price: 19.99 USD
Album Tracks
Track 1. Joy 10.17
Track 2. Goodness 10.11
Track 3. Kindness 10.04
Track 4. Trust 10.12
Track 5. Peace 10.15
Track 6. Love 10.08

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