The Return Healing & Meditation MP3 Album 528Hz

The Return Healing & Meditation MP3 Album 528Hz

Solfeggio Frequency 528Hz has been embeded in the album, "The Return" The Solfeggio LOVE Frequency 528Hz resonates at the heart of everything. It connects with your heart and spirit..Water is a constant pulse of life. Water represents contemplation, the search deep within, and the discovery of depth to your emotional self. Our physical bodies are predominantly water and water maintains, nourishes, cleanses and conducts energy within the body. This music is intended to stimulate, balance and cleanse the body through the water element.  The body's way of communicating with us is through the symptoms of the body and emotions, and this music facilitates the release of these emotions, to allow for the healthy expressions of emotions.  This effect is both emotional and physical.  Allow the music to move you to a state of balance and tranquility, where inspiration is made possible. 
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