About Elio


Since picking up my first acoustic guitar at the age of seven, my relationship with music has been one of passion, creativity and diversity.

Over the years, this relationship has broadened and intensified: not only am I a successful composer, musician and producer, but I have become a storyteller using harmonies in place of words. My musical travels through Latin, pop, ballads, meditation and world music are reflected in the sounds I create. Producing a meditational score for one of my clients gave me a deeper understanding of the many levels on which music communicates and the emotional connection it forms with its listeners. In this genre, I aim to compose music that stirs memories, dreams and aspirations, because I believe these are the things that help individuals harness the power of reflection and healing inherent to music.For over twenty years I performed live in Adelaide, my home town, and around Australia, in bands ranging in style from pop to flamenco.But I always preferred solo performance, as this was where I could express my love of Latin and lounge music while enjoying the connection I made with my audience as they relaxed into it. International music artist management, This taught me much about dealing with different organisations and cultures, and developed my organisational skills.

We worked with people from all continents, exported musicians around the world and gained a reputation for integrity, professionalism and respect. www.eandjmusic.com Still want to know more? There's a light-hearted streak in me which I express in the guise of Mr Oopy and as one of the Three Amigos. Mr Oopy entertains children of most ages with songs percussion, dance, fun and games, and allows me to be silly; that is, to tap into the joyful stuff that makes music and composition so attractive in the first place.The Three Amigos are funny guys in a professional act that I manage and perform in from time to time, and which appears mainly in the corporate sector. I love connecting with people and feeling that the music I write makes a difference to their lives. This is the biggest reward for me. "Working with music is my calling and purpose. Combining my creativity and compositional ability with my years of experience means that the scores I create for my clients are purposeful, meaningful and encompass the restorative power of music."