10 MP3 Albums 11 Hrs of Healing & Relaxation Music 528Hz

10 MP3 Albums 11 Hrs of Healing & Relaxation Music 528Hz

Healing, relaxation and meditation music has many transformative, meditative, and healing powers. Numerous studies have proven that healing, relaxation and meditation music can and does affect the human body on a cellular level and transforms brainwave patterns. I write healing, relaxation and meditation music, because it is my passion to connect with others on an emotional level because I believe there is power in music that brings out the hidden energy of meditation and healing activities by enhancing them to the fullest. Another important aspect to my music is that it needs to move me emotionally and that generally comes in the form of tears, whether it be for joy, sadness, releasing emotions etc. So I feel, that if the music moves me, I know it will also move others. My highest intention is to write music that connects with the heart and soul of every individual that listens to it, and with the heart and soul of humanity and this planet. Music is the simplest form of healing. It vibrates and resonates with our body's energy. With healing and meditation music, all that is needed is for us to listen and allow what needs to express itself to unfold.

MP3 Albums in 528Hz included are:

Music for the Healing Code Part 1 and 2, Relationships, The Return, Truth, Tree, Sepia, Pearls of Peace, Child’s Play and Chants of the Inipi.


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