It's a Beautiful Day for a Walk

It's a Beautiful Day for a Walk

It's a Beautiful Day for a Walk follows a father and son on an interactive walk through nature during which they stop to smell the roses, watch the clouds, and play together; all while you and your child learn more about each other and grow closer as a result. They characters sit by a lake, observe animals and bugs, act like they are animals (ducks, monkeys, turtles), smell the clean air of the meadow, feel the wind on their face, and take the time to really experience the world around them instead of just allowing it to pass them by. It is a great allegory for families taking the time to enjoy their experiences together rather than just allowing life to pass them by. While reading this book you can imagine you are on this walk together, stop and talk about what you might see, smell and feel if you are the people in the pictures! In this special audio edition, narrated by the author and accompanied by Elio's beautiful instrumentals and nature sounds you can experience the book on a whole new level, engaging the senses and imagination. 
Written by Emily A. Filmore, a mom who practices attachment parenting, the With My Child Series of books will help increase the quality of your family time. These unique, interactive books are designed to promote family bonding by showing parents and children how to connect through simple, everyday activities.
Not only are the books inspiring, pretty to look at and fun to read but now they are paired with beautiful, soothing, playful, and healing music written by  world renowned Australian composer, Elio Pagliarulo.  Elio has crafted the perfect musical complement to the With My Child Series, ensuring that the music is engaging, entertaining and soothing.  Elio's music follows a scientific method to promote optimal learning and relaxation for both children and adults.  Welcome to a exciting, silly, wonderful, bonding walk with your child!
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