Free Instrumental Royalty Free Music Album Download

Free Instrumental Royalty Free Music Album Download

The Instrumental Album, Doing It Slo, Is a solo guitar album exploring and experimenting with sounds, fusing my experience of pop, rock, world, ambient, meditation, Latin and classical music to produce a memorable melodic album.

These are  free music albums which do not require checkout. You can use this free music in your YouTube videos, presentations, school projects, home videos, … without worrying about copyright infringement. This free music is released under Creative Common License and is available to the public for free. The only stipulation is that if you use this free music in your publicly presented projects such as a YouTube videos, you should credit me, Elio, as the composer and provide a link to this page.  Please browse my other albums for more music. Enjoy.

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Album Tracks
Track 1. Jaja 3:30
Track 2. On A Wire 4:07
Track 3. Sunset Coast 6:43
Track 4. Monsters 3:49
Track 5. Bamboo 3:53

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