Children e-Books

Whether you are a parent, teacher, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, teacher or nanny, these digital downloadable children’s eBooks and videos are warm and inspire positive qualities in our children. The children’s eBooks introduce ideas of activities that you can do as a family. Based on the author’s experiences with attachment parenting, the eBooks each follow a family through a bonding activity, exploring their relationships and nature. By sharing the eBooks with your children you can also experience the essence of bonding with your children. This is a great addition to your family's collection as it will springboard creative ways to make memories with your children.
The wonderfully inspiring children’s books are narrated by Emily A. Filmore, author and illustrator from the USA. The playful children’s music was written by Elio Pagliarulo, a world renowned composer from Australia. 
They offer everything in the one video. Pictures, text, music and voice so the child receives a full experience of seeing pictures, hearing the words as it is read with music to complimenting the story.   It’s a playful children’s book that aims to engage and stimulate all senses for the child with the senses of love and playfulness.  “It’s a Beautiful Day for Yoga” actually encourages interaction, giving you and your child the chance to act out the whole book; gaining physical exercise as well as closer family bonds. “It’s a Beautiful Day for A Walk” has fun, lighthearted parts intended to incite giggles and also provides great ideas to make your walks more interesting.
Elio's beautifully woven melodies, capture your child's imagination so they actually hear the natural sounds that evoke the feeling of  being in the story.  Intentionally Elio wrote the music for both stories between 40 to 60 beats per minute, to promote alpha brain wave patterns.  Studies have shown that alpha brain waves are the ideal state for accelerated learning, as well as promoting relaxation and focused awareness.  Your child will be not only learn, but will also enjoy the beautifully crafted music which is available with the audio book, and sold separately.
The two eBooks along with the music are available as digital downloads as a complete video file or a choice of the PDF file of the book or just the music.
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It's a Beautiful Day for Yoga
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