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Having children of my own, I'm passionate about writing music for children, and current research is proving that certain music positively affects children’s development.  Research shows that music has the potential to enhance learning and development in children, babies and foetus'. A baby in its mother's womb is able to hear its first sound at 24 weeks and will soon after start to recognise the mothers voice. These studies also show that upon hearing the mothers voice, the baby's heart rate decreases.  Low frequency sounds in particular resonate more strongly with the foetus. 

Likewise, music is also easily recognisable and babies respond to music in a similar fashion to the comforting sounds of their mothers' voice and significant others. Children's music is used to relax, and calm the foetus as well as entertain their aural sense and stimulate development. From an early age, Music for children relaxes, lowers their heart rate and stimulates their cognitive functioning without over stimulating the nervous system.  
Beautiful Day for a Walk + Yoga
BUY PACKAGE 1 for both books, Walk and Yoga and get the lot for $45 as opposed to full price of $..
It's a Beautiful Day for a Walk
It's a Beautiful Day for a Walk follows a father and son on an interactive walk through nature du..
It's a Beautiful Day for Yoga
It's a Beautiful Day for Yoga follows a family through a day of togetherness and yoga. They hang ..
Harmony Cards For Kids
Growing kind, happy and resilient kids...For children, parents, teachers and therapists all over ..
Child's Play Healing & Meditation MP3 Album
MUSIC NOW SOLD IN 69 COUNTRIES Child's Play music is designed to create a deep sense of ..

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