The Relationships Healing & Meditation MP3 Album

The Relationships Healing & Meditation MP3 Album

The Relationships Album is new healing music from Elio. Elio’s inspirational music draws from the deep waters of interpersonal consciousness. Infused with positive intentions for the healing of our most significant relationships, the music journeys through the different stages of emotional and energetic challenges we face, with our loved ones. These musical stages unravel and unfold the underlying harmony and balance that is the potential and the very heart of our intimate connections and ourselves.
The Relationships Album, is above all, about the acceptance and contribution of love on our planet. May it resonate with you. 
Creating a Balanced Life and Healthy Relationships. 
Price: 16.99 USD
Album Tracks
Track 1. We Will Decide - 10.05
Track 2. Coming Together - 10.17
Track 3. Tender Heart - 10.08
Track 4. The Awakening - 10.00
Track 5. It's In Our Stars - 10.06
Track 6. Taking Flight - 10.16

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