EQ Method Healing Method & Music Exclusive Offer

EQ Method Healing Method & Music Exclusive Offer


Evolve yourself, and your relationships to a new level of awareness understanding and love.

Renew and heal your relationships with the healing vibrations of music and the revolutionary new healing system that supports your emotional, physical, and spiritual well being.


The Equilibrium Method:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety in relationships
  • Attract loving relationships
  • Improve your emotional strength
  • Stimulate healing in the body
  • Improve mood, cognitive function and nourish the nervous system
OFFER ONE: The Equilibrium Method (EQ)

The Equilibrium Method (EQ) is an advanced breakthrough method to personal growth and transformation. This instructional book will teach you how to use simple self-healing tools to heal your relationships with the help of music therapy. Using Elio’s Relationships Album, tap into your unconscious mind, and release the patterns that impede your emotional growth.

Reprogram your mind, emotions and body from negative to empowering emotional energy patterns and beliefs.

Reclaim your power today, to create balanced, loving and more authentic relationships.


The Relationships Album

The Relationships Album is new healing music from Elio. Elio’s inspirational music draws from the deep waters of interpersonal consciousness. Infused with positive intentions for the healing of our most significant relationships, the music journeys through the different stages of emotional and energetic challenges we face, with our loved ones. These musical stages unravel and unfold the underlying harmony and balance that is the potential and the very heart of our intimate connections and ourselves. The Relationships Album, is above all, about the acceptance and contribution of love on our planet. May it resonate with you.    

Creating a Balanced Life and Healthy Relationships.

Creating a Balanced Life and Healthy Relationships

The Equilibrium Method incorporates the music from The Relationships Album, and a specific healing protocol for each of the songs in the Album.

The Relationships Album comes with 6 songs, each with their own frequency.

Runtime per format: 60 minutes

Also included is the Relationships Album in 528Hz-the love frequency

About Julia Barac ND


Julia Barac is a Naturopathic Doctor, Medical Intuitive and now author in the fields of energy medicine, spirituality, music and the science of healing. Julia incorporates Medical Herbalism, Nutrition, Kinesiology, Homeopathy and Counseling in her Naturopathic clinical practice in Australia, working with clients from around the world. Before her work in the Naturopathic field of medicine, Julia was a classically trained pianist and composer. Now, Julia brings together her vast knowledge in physical and emotional healing in her latest collaboration with musical composer Elio, with the EQ Method.


The Equilibrium Method (Instant Download in PDF, Mobi, EPUB Formats) The Relationships Album (Instant Download in MP3 Format) Also includes Bonus Package of the Relationships Album in 528Hz and Standard No Frequency formats

OFFER TWO: The EQ Package + 18 Bonus Albums

18 Best Selling Healing Albums by Elio (9 in standard format and 9 in 528Hz) 

22 Hours of Healing Music 

(valued at  $359)


THE EQ Method and Relationships Album

 (valued at $79)

Healing, relaxation and meditation music has many transformative, meditative, and healing powers. Numerous studies have proven that healing, relaxation and meditation music can and does affect the human body on a cellular level and transforms brainwave patterns. I write healing, relaxation and meditation music, because it is my passion to connect with others on an emotional level because I believe there is power in music that brings out the hidden energy of meditation and healing activities by enhancing them to the fullest. Another important aspect to my music is that it needs to move me emotionally and that generally comes in the form of tears, whether it be for joy, sadness, releasing emotions etc. So I feel, that if the music moves me, I know it will also move others. My highest intention is to write music that connects with the heart and soul of every individual that listens to it, and with the heart and soul of humanity and this planet. Music is the simplest form of healing. It vibrates and resonates with our body’s energy. With healing and meditation music, all that is needed is for us to listen and allow what needs to express itself to unfold.

Elio’s music can help you to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Receive positive effects on both your Respiratory and Circulatory Systems
  • Improve Brain Function
  • Improve Mood
  • Improve Sleep
  • Increase in creativity, learning, and memory functions

About Elio Pagliarulo

Elio is a renowned composer and multi instrumentalist.  His music is infused with intention and has touched people from around the world since his foray into healing music.  His musical creations evoke specific emotions to stimulate the body, mind, and spirit to healing.

The relaxing, and peaceful sounds of Elio’s music, including the Healing Codes Music have been described as “glorious, pure, soul reaching, deeply loving and divinely inspired”.

This music can evoke deep relaxation and meditation by stimulating the body and nervous system into alpha and delta brainwave states.

Take your healing to the next level with Elio’s empowering and evolutionary music.


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